Yellow, red, green, and blue map pins follow a winding path in a circular logo that reads, Discovery Quest: Month of Discovery. Text reads, Discovery Quest, October 1-31, 2022.

How to Play

All students who register are eligible to start earning points. Points can be applied retroactively, meaning after you register, you will get credit for events you attended before registering. All point calculations will be tracked, and you will be notified via email about the Tier you have reached. For each Tier, you will win that Tier prize and will have a chance to continue to earn more prizes. The top participants will be tracked via our leaderboard and will have a chance to win scholarship prizes. 

Ways to Earn Points

There are 4 different ways you can earn points: 

  • Attend any Signature MoD event (Makespace Bounce, Research Connections, Fall Frontiers, Innovation Expo)
  • Attend any Partner MoD event
  • Submit a form with your picture at any MoD event (one submission per event)
  • Submit a form sharing your feedback on a MoD event you attended (one submission per event) 

Point Breakdown

Challenge Submission Type Point Value
Sign into ANY MoD Signature Event Check in at the event via Nexus 30
Sign into ANY MoD Partner Event Check in at the event 15
Take a photo of yourself at ANY MoD event or screenshot a virtual event Submit via Photo Form 5
Share your feedback about a MoD event Submit via Feedback Form 5